Our Mission





The goal of the Western Montana Growers Cooperative is to provide communities within the western Montana region with a wide range of fresh, quality products from western Montana independently owned ranches and farms. 

To reach that goal cooperative members are committed to producing a supply of quality agricultural products and sharing in the development and operation of local marketing, processing and distribution systems that make that supply readily available to consumers in our region


The values embodied in this goal of a sustainable local food system are:

Cooperation – Growers will work together to share both skills and costs and effectively build relationships between each other and consumers that strengthen the larger communities of which they are all a part.

Appropriate Technology – Growers will produce and market to neighboring communities and surrounding regions at scales that fit their operations and minimize both economic and environmental costs for everyone.

Land Stewardship – Growers will manage their land in a sustainable manner and preserve the rural landscape in ways that benefit the environment and local communities.

Social Equity – Growers will interact with and provide for all segments of their local communities in the process of producing and marketing nourishing food products from their farms and ranches.


Business objectives crucial to realizing our goals are:

Maintaining the identity and integrity of locally produced and distributed food products within the regional marketplace.

Maintaining economic efficiency and environmental sustainability in all operating and distribution systems.

Supporting and serving a diverse membership base of independently owned small farms and ranches.

Developing quality control procedures to assist in achieving high standards thereby insuring members meet food safety and market needs.